Lighting is considered to be the most important

What will be the theme of that event? Is there a requirement of dance floor or not? What will the size of the stage or the information about light requirements? After gathering all the information then it is important to include all the tables, dance floors, buffet tables, bars, etc. Then if there is an arrangement of stage it necessary to light it up the stage by using the lamp in the source four for I-MAG . It is important to use lekos, par cans, pin-spots to light up the centre-pieces. . The house lights should be dimmed down so that it could create a romantic atmosphere into the party. In Los Angeles wedding lighting, Connecticut lasers have been used which are technically very advanced and also adds a 3d effect to the party reception. Then it is important to light Led Garden Lights Manufacturers in China up the ceiling and walls using a wash of one color with the wall of other color. It boosts up the energy of the guests up to a high-tech level. Then intelligent lights are some lighting fixtures which is separated by a different computer. Wedding lighting in Los Angeles is one of the luxurious events carried away in southern California. Most of the Los Angeles wedding parties is being arranged of this Direct Sound which makes their party wilder and entertaining. Then they add bubbles and snow effect to the floor which is really an unbelievable scene for the guests. It is also provided with wedding décor lighting, gobo projections, and photo booths. Lighting is considered to be the most important medium to catalyze the party or event. Gobos also add an extra feature which would give a foggy view to the artists. If the par-cans are to be used as an extra addition, it would look great. Special event lighting will become more special if there would be an addition of fairy lights or Christmas lights. So, special event lighting depends upon many other factors. is it an award event, or general session, or gala or wedding event. Exterior lighting is also important to use by keeping the holiday themes into mind i.e. The first point is that about the nature of event- i. Direct sound is the only company which of DJ and lighting company which are quite innovative than the others. Dance floors should be lighted with special care so that it should look like an exact dance floor in a pub. Cosmos sound lighting has been used since 1998 in the dj clubs and that particular technology has been used in the party to create a discotheque atmosphere. The most different idea of wedding lighting in California is "dancing on a cloud" which seems that the guests has been dancing within the cloud because of its low lying fog effect.e. green or red for Christmas. What kind of tables are to be used and it is important to know about the dimensions of the room, etc. When pin-spots are to be hanged then it shines the eyes of the guest. Over there inexpensive lighting is to light up the trees which will give an awesome view to the party.